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Portable : E-Books are highly portable--as portable as you have to be in today's world. But instead of lugging a book around, the file is stored on your computer.
Easy to Store : Dozens of novels will easily fit on your hard drive. In fact, you can build a virtual library on your computer.
Easy to Hold and Turn Pages : Paperback novels can be difficult to handle. Constantly holding the book open and fighting to turn pages can be a miserable chore for voracious readers. If manipulating a book is a challenge you'd just as soon leave to others, e-Book will open up a new world of reading to you.
For those of us who are physically disabled : the computer is an indispensable tool for our lives. Since all our books are in PDF format, you can turn pages with a mouse or track ball rather than with your fingers. An e-book novel makes it possible as well as comfortable to read the rainy day away.
Universal Format : All our e-books are in PDF format, playable in your all OS (windows, Macintosh, Unix, Linux based system)
If you are a businessperson who spends a lot of time in the air : you probably take your laptop with you. After you finish writing that stellar presentation, open up your e-book and enjoy the rest of the flight.
If you are a college student : and you've worked on that research paper until you're sick of it, fire up an e-book and use your computer to reward yourself after a long work session.
If you eat your lunch in your lonely office cubicle, install an e-book on your company computer, and escape into a good story while you're babysitting the office.
If you (like many of us) enjoy reading in bed, prop up your pillow, pop out your lap top, and read into the wee hours of the morning.
Even if you don't have a lap top computer, (and many of us don't), reading from a computer screen can be much more invigorating than reading from a conventional book. Your hands are free, your eyes aren't struggling to see small print, your neck isn't cramped, and your mind's more alert.

E-Books are the books of the future. We will probably always have books on paper, or at least something like paper, but e-books are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional books. They are truly the books of the future.
Installing e-books on your computer is simple. Just download the book and double-click it to play it in your computer.

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