" Freely you have received, freely give " (Matthew 10:8)


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Those who wish to work together with The New Life Mission can sign up to be a coworker. By the way, it is very essential for you to review the Christian books before you sign up to be a coworker. If you have not read the Christian books yet, please click HERE to order the books in e-book form or in printed book form.

Did you read at least one of Rev. Paul C. Jong's Christian book series
before signing up for coworkership?

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You can participate in our ministries in three ways: Book distributor, Translator/Proofreader, and Book distributor & Translator.

If you sign up to be a coworker, we will inform you whether you are accepted or not after brief consideration because coworkers need to have the same faith with us, especially in the baptism of Jesus, which is the antitype of salvation.

When you are accepted to be a coworker, you are qualified to request as many free Christian books of The New Life Mission as you want to give away and receive our newsletters.

To sign up to be a coworker, select the way in which you want to help our ministry and fill out the "Sign Up Form".

Book distributor
Translator or Proofreader
Book Distributor & Translator

If you are already a coworker, go to associate zone.

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