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  • To all the Co-workers of The New Life Mission
    Some wicked people have been sending out e-mails recently slandering Rev. Paul C. Jong based on utter lies. For example, a certain person has been sending out e-mails which contains an utterance of many false charges and lies and of which is totally contrary to the facts, and on top of this is claiming that Rev. Paul C. Jong died a few years ago; and that the ministry of the New Life Ministry has stopped, and the book ministry will not be continued anymore. Also, they falsely accuse him that he used to be a follower of the communism of Mao Zedong of China; and that Rev. Paul C. Jong used to be a hermit and a homosexual.

    While preaching the gospel of the water and the Spirit until now, we have crossed paths with these kinds of wicked people who falsely accuse and slander us like this. We have seen that most of them are in fact ministers, and that they have gone out of their way to speak out lies and to slander us, and in doing this, are trying to damage our reputation. They have also written slanderously about us like this because they are very fearful that their followers might read the books of The New Life Mission and come to know the Truth and eventually leave their churches.

    The goal of The New Life Mission is not to establish another denomination or to take believers away from churches. Rather, our goal is to preach the pure gospel of the water and the Spirit that Jesus Christ originally gave to mankind by distributing Free Christian literature, which is strictly based on the Scriptures. Dear Fellow Co-workers, you must realize now that the intentions of these wicked accusers are to destroy The New Life Mission and Rev. Paul C. Jong so that they do not lose any of their members. These are the people who seek money by all means and absolutely do not revere God or His righteousness.

    Therefore, if we started an endless battle of words with these false accusers it would become a long drawn out dispute, causing us to take our focus off our precious work. You must know that a terrible judgment of God awaits such people who write and utter such slanderous messages against the servant of God. We must just pray for them so that they can receive the remission of their sins by truly repenting and believing in the gospel of the water and the Spirit.

    God is now fulfilling His will of spreading the true gospel of the water and the Spirit throughout this world through The New Life Mission and Rev. Paul C. Jong. How is it possible for this ministry of preaching the gospel that God is doing throughout this entire world be halted just because of these wicked accusers who are attacking Rev. Paul C. Jong, a servant of God like this?

    This ministry is the work that God Himself is doing, and it is not the work of humans. Therefore, because it is a God thing nothing in this world can stop this precious ministry.

    Furthermore, I would like you to know that the reason why Rev. Paul C. Jong is hiding his face from public view is make the readers focus on following the pure and living Word of God rather than following any human being. He is very healthy and is still vigorously preaching the gospel throughout the entire world including being involved with Christian literature together with his fellow workers of The New Life Mission, who are all following the will of God. The reason why we do not include the full address of the coworkers web blogs is because we do not want to open up their personal information. This precious literature ministry will be continued until the end of the world, even if he should pass away, and our Lord Jesus Christ will be with us forever and ever.

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