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Jesus christ the lamb of God
Evangelist Pama Rene Ndoh    [email]   ( Cameroon ) 2019-12-10     Views : 411     touched : 143
After reading the book titled have you truely been born again of water and the spirit, i had an understanding which i will love to share with every one. When adam sined in the garden of eden, sin spread from him into the life of every human born in this world. Be you a black or white that nature was transfered into us. Genesis 5:1-3, romans 5:12-14. This made us to have alot of problems because we have sin in us even before we were formed in our mothers womb. We then grow with sin in our hearts. In romans 7:14-23 apostle paul said he can not do what ever he loves to do because he has been sold as a slave to sin. In mathew 15:18-20 and mark 7:21-23 in these scriptures Jesus made us to undertand that we have sin from within and not from outside. For God to solve the problem of sin he had to follow the same procedure which he has put in place. When we read hebrews 9:22 we can see that sins can not be forgiven without the shading of blood quoting from the law of moses recorded in leviticus 16. Wben God send his son to come and die for our sins as recorded in John 3:16, 1timothy 1:15. The first rime John saw him, John address him as the lamb of God that takes away the sins of tbe world.John 1:29. This was to say that God has sent a lamb without blemish to be offered as a sin offering for our sins. Now Jesus had to bring up the new standard for redemption by being baptized by John. During the baptism of Jesus, John laid hands on Jesus making him a scapegoat that takes away curses and a sin offering. The blood of Jesus was shared on the cross to redeem us from the curse of the law. For the law states that curse is any one who dies on the cross. The same scripture says that Jesus on the cross blooted out all unfavorable writings and ordinances that were against us. Making us free. In hebrews 9 and hebrews 10 animals were killed every year to cover sins. But in 1john 5 Jesus came by blood and waterbl to redeem us once and for all. Thanks to paul c.jong who has opened our eyes with this revelation that any one born of water and the spirit is free from all sins past, present and future. As we are now preaching this new revelation which the apostles preach in the book of acts and at one point it was changed, we pray that God should give us grace to contine the work..


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