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Have You Truly Been Born Again Of Water And The Spirit?
Robert Ryder    [email]   ( United States of America ) 2020-01-23     Views : 295     touched : 113
The first of the series; it is like a key that unlocks a bountiful of wisdom, and of salvation knowledge.

I feel that I am truly in an ongoing process of redemption;
and of my rebirth, have I witnessed many sanctification of God's Word.

I have always believed that one of the best ways to learn is to answer questions that are proposed by others that have a compilation of wisdom that is greater than that of my own.

Before reading The Gospel of The Water and the Spirit books, I had received Jesus Christ as my personal savior, and yet for me; many questions remained.

I never realized it before, but I have been over-casting my own glory upon myself; in a belief that I can truly do better than others. I am disappointed of myself, of this unexpected self-righteousness; for I do know tht we can only receive righteousness through our belief in Jesus Christ, and through our obedience to The Lord.

I prayed to Jesus, and unto God; that I may be redeemed, and I am settling on a few days of oath accepted silence, that I feel better about the words I share, the next time I choose to speak.

The works of Paul C. Jong; his sermons, they read to me as being divinity inspired, by one man's faith; and by the many that share grace of his preaching.

I see Baptism by water- Jesus Christ sanctified by John The Baptist, as he is laid down in the water.

I also see the heavens open up, and the Holy Spirit come unto Him; while God speaks well of Him being God's Son.

The Gospel of the Water and the Spirit has so inspired me that I am currently looking into starting my own nonprofit religious organization here in the United States.

I hope to one day be able to share these works with family and become accepted as being a distributor of Jong's works.

Bless the family and the faithful of Paul C. Jong, and of the free-sharing of his inspiring works.

May many more be reached by his ministry, and may his dedication and his sermons be accepted every where as the inspired works that they are.



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